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Conductive fiber

Thunderon(R) fibers are proprietary technology invented by Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co., Ltd. Basically it has used chemical reaction to bond the molecular of copper sulfide with the molecular of host fibers.

This technology is applicable to Acrylic fibers and Nylon fibers currently for commercial applications.

Structure of the fiber is formed by outer conductive layer surrounding completely the inner part of host fiber. This outer layer is not a material which is completely different chemicals like metal plated fibers or carbon compounded fibers, but it is a part of host fiber itself which has been a chemical compounds.

By forming such construction, it has much better resistance to physical abrasions.
This surface molecular is a quite new material and to be guessed having a molecular structure. This physical structure gives Thunderon (R) fiber durability against abrasion unlike other conductive fiber materials.

It does not break easily as stainless fiber due to it's elasticity, does not fall off the conductive element as metal plated or carbon compounded fibers.

Thunderon(R) is an organic conductive fiber with a thin layer (0.03 - 0.1 micro meter) of Danjenite iCu9S5j and superb electro conductivity (102 / inch) which eliminates static electricity by self-discharging..

Danjenite is a kind of Material Cu and has a lot of function.

Thunderon(R) is an organic conductive fiber, made from copper sulfide chemically bonded to acrylic and nylon fibers. It has a number of advantages:

Wear resistance against abrasion
Fine texture adaptable to functional textile
Unmatching corona discharge
Superb conductivity
Antibacterial effect by copper ion