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Yojin Tomibe received a patent for a new development in the technology of silk fiber dyeing and established this company in kyoto, Japan.
The company was moved to its present location in order to expand production.
The processing of wool fiber was begun.
The company started to develop synthetic fiber dyeing technology and began to use more modern, mechanized dyeing methods. Also at this time they patented a method of high-pressure circular dyeing which made "even dyeing of different fibers" possible. This process was made available to all textile dyeing companies.
The name was changed from Nihon Sanmo Industrial to Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co., Ltd., reflecting an increasing emphasis on fiber dyeing.
In response to the oil shock, Japan experienced a period of economic crisis coupled with stricter environmental controls.
A new fiber dyeing factory was opened to comply with industrial pollution standards and advanced machinery was installed to improve efficiency and quality.
A French continuous centrifuge and an Italian Cake-Break Machine were purchased.
A steam accumulator was introduced for energy conservation.
Thunderon(R) a new electro-conductive yarn, was developed and patented.
A new computer color matching system was introduced in order to improve quality control.
A facility for the finishing process, using automatic packing machines, was opened.
A new facility equiped with an anti-pollution system was opened in order to expand into the production of cotton dyeing.
A new type of opening machine was introduced for the purpose of expanding into the processing of natural fibers.
A nylon mono-filament plant was introduced.